Monthly Archives: April 2013

Akterwinchar and gangway

This week, it has been full speed on Jarramas. Sceert from Micro have cut two of the huge aft companionways, 8 mm stainless steel, and fabricated mounting plates in stainless steel. The electrician who was preparing all electricity last week connect wincharna today.

Country transitional platform also begins to take shape. on the gangway to be shot in the country. Then shall 4 step is mounted so that we can easily go up and down. Ja det blir en del anpassning för att kunna ligga bekvämt och säkert med stävförtöjning i Stockholm 🙂

Now she is our!

Today released Jarramas (former Phoca) in our possession. Nu är vi med skepp 🙂

Feels fantastic of course, and exciting. A new phase begins and another ends around summer. What fun opportunities. For some, life is just about to create and take advantage of fun possibilities…

Electrical work in full swing

This work Peter Doorn from Swanneblom Scheepstechniek in Holland with two projects. On the other hand, replacing Peter stb main machine generator to an equally modern and powerful type already sitting on the bb main engine. On the one hand, he disconnects the electricity, relays, contact hoir and switches to two new 1,700-Watt elwinschar aft. These are badly needed as Jarramas will be stävförtöjd in Sweden.