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2,25 l/M

In our case, it is not the time to go to the båtmacken and fuel. Today we got the truck to Jarramas. Exciting to see how much diesel we made of from Holland…

It became 2,25 litres per nautical mile or 14 gallons per hour, in the cut. We've been alternating at one and two machines. Faktiskt mindre än väntat 🙂


Moored on Lake

A historic day. After four weeks and nearly 1000 nautical miles so it was time to get the last little stage to Riddarfjärden, Stockholm, Sweden. We said hello to Stockholm and to the small “shipyard” where we were last week and loaded aboard our pick and pack.

Strange feeling to go Vindöströmmar, Lind als Strait, Straight Sound, Gran Holm's hole and on into the Stockholm inlet with Jarramas. She felt suddenly more “Swedish”. After the Ladder healthy escorted Erik thorslund with wife to Kastellet. Then it became the Hammarby lock, round Reimers Holme and over Västerbron. Where was it, our nearest neighbor, – City Hall.

On the quay met Kim, Eric and Monica with son Waldemar, up to assist with mooring arrangements. THANKS fellas! Ulrikas bror Staffan och svägerska Britt-Marie fanns också i mottagningskommitén så champagnen räckte inte långt 🙂

Eric and Kim launched ribben and chacklade in pull tabs and train. Now we are solid and good. The gangway also works well but requires some modification…

An experience where our beautiful city hall. Under en halvtimme turistade vi i parken med en två-kulors pistagestrut i näven 🙂

Crafts at 727

Now we have lain some days at 727 and started moving aboard our grejjor. Fritz and the Stork comes up in the morning and help.

Our neighbor and Carpenter John has helped with the new ship's floor in the saloon and I screwed up a flight of stairs up to the platform on which the gangway then comes to rest. We shall of course be stävförtöjda on Norr Mälarstrand so we need a functioning country transitional arrangements.

I morgon hoppas vi att golver blir klart så att vi kan skruva tillbaka bänkar och bord och få våra möbler på plats 🙂

AT HOME – efter 920 sjömil!

Difficult to describe the feeling. After nearly three weeks, 920 M, Beard, and many great experiences, We could now add the Djurö Backhoe's old Quay, 400 yards from our House on 727.

As usual, began the day still. Eva, Owe and Mats handled themselves well, as usual, and soon sighted both Dalarö Skans and Djurö bridge. Tilläggningen went just fine and after hugs and kisses we were alone on board. It felt soo good.We would have had lots of people on board for three weeks…

In the evening it becomes dinner Boathouse with good neighbors and friends and tomorrow we will remove wall-to-wall carpet strips on the upper deck. A ship's floor before we are ready to move in toward the Riddarfjärden with all our pick and pack.

Thanks, Pia, Kjell, David, Eric, Kim, Emil, Mats, Eva and Owe that followed us on the trip and all of you who followed us on the blog (1300 visit). In the future, probably our post a little less regularly. Now are we all friends welcome ombort on Jarramas in Stockholm. Our dock is located next to City Hall, on Norr Mälarstrand.

Fair winds and following seas!

Ulrika & Thomas