Monthly Archives: August 2013

Evening tour around Kungsholmen

In the evening, it was a really nice trip in summer evening. John felt a bit fitter so we launched lillribben and ruled the head mother Pålsundet. Once inside the narrow channel mirrored itself förnissade wooden boats caught up in shiny water.

After a short visit with David at Reimers Holme, continued the journey between the great and little Essingen, During tranebergsbron and into the karlberg Canal. It varkade like all of Stockholm were out at or on the water. It bathed, paddle, puttrades was arranged or presented in slow Chamber in allsjöns small boats. People really enjoyed in the still summer evening.

TOA, freezer- and kylmek

Today was really hot on Jarramas. The sun shone and quicksilvret approached 30 °. No further weather for renovation on board.

Men… new fridge, freezer and toilet was standing on the foredeck and waited for attention. After two days of municipal 5-cent toilet toabytet ones especially on commitment. After a few hours of installing worked the new throne really good!

Then it was time for the old freezer and svalen going hereinafter. Lucky that we tore them out. Behind the rust had begun to corrode and coolant leaked out of the archaic system of separate compressor. Now laid bare a large new space will be renovated to both Jarramas and our sociability. The new fridge and freezer will be placed elsewhere.

Occasionally called summer on attention and it was not difficult to take a break on the aft deck.