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Back in Stockholm – 26 juli

Last day at our sailing around southern Sweden. 1500 sjömil, 65 sluices, 28 ports and 100 's of amazing experiences. We say just wow.

After a nice hang with Erik, Roy and Gretel in Haröfladen, It was time to lighten the anchor and move the last bit in to Norr Mälarstrand. I felt a little melancholy but also cozy to come home home.

Low water in the archipelago so Straight sound was a little exciting. After we felt pretty Göta Canal sluice experience as Hammarby lock would surely go nicely. 25 smaller boats penetrated past Jarramas into lock. Men, When Captain Rapp grabbed the situation and routed out a few cabin boats from the pier we did a neat parallel parking. Cabin vessels had moored outside the US.

Strange and sad that so many boat owners can not for preventing collisions at sea and cannot manövra his boat the right way. – Imagine how nice it would be if everyone did the right thing!

Stockholm was kvalmigt and 30+ degrees. We stopped at Långholmen so that kaptenskan could lower themselves down in grodhavet. Smedsuddsbaden was fullsmetet with gasping locals when we went in under Västerbron. – Where were the… Jarramas dock of, Norr Mälarstrand 🙂

Our friend Emil wrote on FB: The skyline of Norr Mälarstrand is restored, feels good somehow…

Haröfladen – 25 August

On the road from nynäshamn to Sandhamn we cheered on Martin, that has a “family place” at Yxlö. We took the road through the beautiful Söderbysundet and further up over Gråskärsfjärden.

Once in Sandhamn turned out our booked room lay on the outside of the Eastern dock and it did not feel completely ok considering swells and swells. We decided then, along with John and Erik, to proceed to Haröfladen, and for the first time put us on WOW for the night. What a difference!! Instead of Sandhamn crazy summer life and overcrowded port so we could enjoy a calm seas at sunset. How cozy any time tonight!

Captain, that does not entirely enjoy “svajlivet”, woke up a few times to see that we have not moved us but low safely with our 140 kg anchor. Captain Erik at Avantine, He also has some “svajproblem”, slept like a log all night:-)

Nynäshamn – 24 juli

Do not think that we have seen so many segelbåter that today, going up against nynäshamn. But with 25 degrees in the air and in the water at 10.00 so one can not be in a better place than on the sea.

In nynäshamn, we had an appointment with Peter, Pernilla, Linnea, Gustav and Astrid. So nice to see you again!! It was another warm evening with good food and drink. Nice that the captain was playing off a bit on the playground with Linnea and Gustav. Where we met also Bosse, a nice match.

Oxelösund – 23 juli

Harstena is now also a favorite! But for we borrowed tour boat dock overnight so we have to leave the island before noon 11.00. It was a walk and a trip to the bakery before we threw away.

Gryt archipelago, in the St. Anna archipelago, incredibly beautiful! The weather was equally hot and nicely today and almost no wind. Many boats out there, most sailboats that had a quiet comfortable ride. Unfortunately there was no swim today because of all the algae. We have never seen such algal bloom now, not so warm seas. In the middle of Bråviken today, where we had about 20 feet deep, was it 25,4 degrees!!

The fishing port of Oxelösund became our nightharbour.

Harstena – 22 juli

From Västervik to Harstena by gryt archipelago, amazing nice!

Harstena port is not big so that we could get a långsidesplats, we get 14:15 When the ferry went out, According to Harbor Master. Then we had to borrow the place to kl 11.00 the next day. But wow what a short bridge it was, just right for a half Jarramas. But it is a quiet and sheltered fold so it fixed itself yet.

It was a short trip around the island directly, but since we preferred to rest indoors when it was tokvarmt out. Evening tour with was his camera was magic, or how?

Tomorrow we continue North…

Västervik – 21 juli

Yesterday, Thomas and Anna-Lena Jarramas. – Nice days.

Today there was an indolent day in Västervik. We cycled around a part of the morning, inter alia. to Gränsö Castle. In the 16th century it was owned Gränsö, which then consisted of two farms in the County Ladder holm, by Svante Sture. In the 17th century it was owned first by the Dutch Gränsö Paridon von Horn and Kristian Welthuisen, then by Gabriel Oxenstierna, and then by Hans Christoffer Königsmarck.

During the 18th century owned the farm that is now rated a bigger main building of the exciting Captain Gustav Abraham Piper. Piper fought with Charles XII in multiple wars. He was taken prisoner at Poltava and ended up in Russian captivity. After a gear ratio and on the way home, he miraculously survived a shipwreck. He also fought in Norway when Karl XII was killed. At the dramatic retreat of Armfelds army and on foot survived Piper, but he förfrös his feet so hard that several toes were amputated.

Tomorrow it's off against Harstena…