Monthly Archives: June 2016

Rungsted – 30 juni

I morse lämnade vi Köpenhamn och Tuborg Havn i ösregn. Havet var lugnt och färden upp till Rungsted 12 M. Väl inne i hamnen förtöjde vi vid den förbokade och enda möjliga kajplatsen för Jarramas.
Hamnen är stor, välskött och full av små butiker och krogar. Solen kom fram och kvällen blev härlig.
I morgon tänkte vi cykla till Bakken och Louisiana 🙂

Copenhagen – 28 juni

Nämän… Today it is another mosquito that invaded! Seems like the whole Jarramas is covered by boat people who want to to Denmark.
We threw away along with the Brig Klaipeda from Lithuania.
After Höllviken towered Öresund bridge up, proud and loooong. Ulrika minding their fenders just as we passed Vattenfall's wind farm going up against Copenhagen. Jesus sailed past just as we passed the approach to Kastrup.
Once inside in the Nice Tuborg Havn tied at our “common” outside the restaurant, and the Harbour Office. After a leisurely stroll we ate dinner at the restaurant 4 metres from Jarramas. Ulrika for their life's most expensive green salad and I got an amazing entrecot. Full and satisfied it became sing-along on board.

Falsterbo Canal – 25 juni

The weather looked nice out so we threw away 08.00 against the Falsterbo Canal. This means that we skip little belt route. It will be Copenhagen and further north. Probably Helsingør, Gilleleje and then West. We'll see.
After a quiet and nice day along the South coast of Skåne, We went into the Falsterbo Canal. The route had 10,000 's of small flies hitchhiked with us and Jarramas läsida was dark.
In the evening came both friends on board and a peppery åskfront.

Ystad – 24 juni

Midsummer's Eve in Ystad.
It was crazy hot and sweltering. We had our usual, pleasant Quay. Before us lay a Regina af Vindö 49. The couple on Board was nice so it was cool white on our aft deck. Then we were invited to dinner by the retired sea captain Thomas and his American wife, Linda. Very nice!
Later in the night, it was time to strengthen the moorings when a åskfront from Germany took aim at Ystad. Everything went fine.