Monthly Archives: July 2016

Borensberg – 31 juli

“Vätternkuling” in the harbor. It was a windy day in Motala but we were safely moored at rock Wharf.
13.00 loss to the Borenshult and lock the stairs down to the Lake Boren. King Sverker was coming up followed by two class sailboats. After a couple of hours we put down the stairs and crossed the Boren.
We had been promised a place at the stone Quay in front of the bridge but found a better, at the end of the long wooden bridge. Electricity and water were right on Jarramas.
The compulsory evening walk passed by kanalhotellet and into the small with the small hamlet. Nice evening in a pleasant and tranquil guest harbour.

Motala – 29 juli

After two days in karlsborg, we crossed Lake Vättern in calm weather. Once inside the the full Harbor honked a needless stupid turbåtskapten away from the wharf, although there was plenty of room for both of us. He left the wharf an hour later so we could go back.
Lovely with the bikes on board. It was a nice evening tour along the Canal. We ended up including. in the middle of a kräftfisketävlig at 23. Strange to see so many recreational fishermen edge channel on late night.

Karlsborg – 27 juli

In front of us was now the last bit of the channel's Västgötadel. Tåtorp is the last lock before Lake Viken who is the channel's highest point. It is a “leveling locks” run by the channel are themselves. Ulrika ran around the manual lock port the wheel so the smoke in the gravel.
Lake Viken finish with Tip nose channel is very narrow. After giving due warning we went into. When starting the bend was a motor boat in good speed which is apparently not heard our signal. Emergency arose and we beat both full speed back in our machines. Oncoming boat maneuver forced him out off the fairway, into groundwater, but small price to avoid a collision. Everything went well and one hour later, After Forsviks sluice and Bottom Lake, We tied in karlsborg.
Evening walk to karlsborg fortress in the tepid summer night. The next day, Ewa and Owe on visit, just in time for a dinner together at the pub IDA's Bridge.

Mariestad – 23 juli

Here in Mariestad, we have many good friends. Dinners, afternoon wine and spontaneous meetings had time to fly past. We successful tom dangle Anna and Fritz.
The next morning, suggested Thomas and Anna-Lena a trip to Djurö lighthouse. An archipelago of the beautiful kind. We changed the speed records and drove in 20 knots over calm water. Silly calm! The image of the stem from the bottom up is photographed with the camera you see, into the water, in 20 knop!
After a nice dinner at the lighthouse, we went back to Randwick in the still summer evening. Lovely day!

Mariestad – 19 juli

After a few days in Vänersborg, it was time to go out onto Vänern. The Sun was shining, the water was flat and the horizon with razor-sharp. We passed Hindens reefs and aimed eventually St. Lighthouse where we rounded into the archipelago of the oak. Very nice archipelago, not entirely unlike the Stockholm mellanskärgård. Port the bailiff in the nail had to dissuade us from going in there so we went up to nordostvart Brommösund and Låxhall.
Thomas Johansson had reserved a berth we restaurant and was ready when we arrived. After a nice dinner at the pub we went to sleep good.
The next morning we went by to Mariestad and the dock inside the Marina, in the middle of town. Fin kväll!