Re Sthlm – 7 August

Ja så kom den till slut, sista etappen på vår sommartur. Både vemodigt och skönt.
Efter sista slussen i Södertälje, 1150 sjömil, 66 sluices, 30 olika gästbryggor/kajer, 1700 bloggbesök och generande mycket fartygsuppskattning gick vi in under Västerbron i Stockholm.
Det hade blivit en riktig svensk rundtur men oändligt fina upplevelser, på vår Jarramas som fungerat oklanderligt i 10 veckor 🙂

Skansholmen – 6 August

A long day at sea awaited. We went the 55 stretch of gently sloping, past Oxelösund and Nyköping by beautiful archipelago, up in Södertäljefaret. Actually, we had intended to yttervägen up to Stockholm, by Sthlms archipelago but the weather forecast was talking about the stiff Gale in a few days so it had to be the little nice guest harbour Skansholmen, just to the North of the island Oaxen instead.
We met at the port by the pleasant harbour master who showed us the best place, inside the restaurant Quay. After fried Baltic herring with potato and salad caprese, it became a field- and walk in the Woods in the evening.

Arkösund – 5 August

Vi kastade loss strax före lunch och gick ur sista slussen i Mem. Tänk att vi klarat 66 sluices, de flesta utan hjälpande besättning, utan en enda skråma.
Vi satte kurs mot Arkösund som numera fungerar riktigt bra. Det nya fräscha hotellet med restaurant och lounge invigdes på nationaldagen i år. Det blev ett glas vin på trädäcket.
LIte senare kom plötsligt två trevliga kustbevakare förbi och gjorde en spontan fartygs- och bemanningskontroll ombord på Jarramas. Alla papper var i ordning så det blev tummen upp 🙂

Söderköping – 4 August

In the morning, we were on the ball already half an hour before bridge opening in Norsborg to be sure we would be able to go first in the locks without waiting for too long. After the lock carlsborg nedre, we were lying in wait for the bridge and turned the Wilhelm Tham. We thought it looked narrow for meeting but everything went well.
Twelve locks later, we were in Söderköping, Sweden where we stopped for the night. We chose the lower basin just behind MS Lindön.
Söderköping gave us a warm and comfortable night, In addition to a really heavy Rainshower. But nothing could stop the queue for the wild strawberries, Söderköping's popular ice cream café where sex coiled long all the time.

Mountain – 2 August

Ulrika opened the first lock on the road to Rock locks. We rounded the lovely little Pavilion “Officer horror” and chewed in the US nautical miles after miles of Swedish agricultural countryside of finest cut. The wait was admittedly long at Heda and Brunnby double locks but what did it.
Once in the upper lock basin tied we for the night. Here was something to watch before our friends Tina and Bengt-Arne came on board for a glass of white and later dinner at world House.
The next morning we talked with other boaters heading East. The negotiations went well and we entered the lock staircase that first boat.
Slussvakterskan told me about a record pace when we 35 minuter senare avverkat alla sju slussarna ner till Roxen. Spännande att köra in Jarramas i kamrarna utan att att ha någon landreferens framför. Som att köra ut i tomma intet 🙂
Two hours later we had harvested Roxen and entered under the railway bridge in Bristol where we tied for the night.

Borensberg – 31 juli

“Vätternkuling” in the harbor. It was a windy day in Motala but we were safely moored at rock Wharf.
13.00 loss to the Borenshult and lock the stairs down to the Lake Boren. King Sverker was coming up followed by two class sailboats. After a couple of hours we put down the stairs and crossed the Boren.
We had been promised a place at the stone Quay in front of the bridge but found a better, at the end of the long wooden bridge. Electricity and water were right on Jarramas.
The compulsory evening walk passed by kanalhotellet and into the small with the small hamlet. Nice evening in a pleasant and tranquil guest harbour.