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New cloakroom

Finally it's old cool room where former ägern stored vegetables and extra fridge and freezer converted into what we missed the most, – a cloakroom.

A fun yet comprehensive project because the old insulation was poor and the refrigerator freon had leaked and made unsightly rust damage to the steel. Very during- and behind work altså.

Ulrika found a cool wallpaper and Tackles & trains on Skeppsholmen got deliver an older ship lamp. Very teak was spent and about 100 hour job. – But today, it became clear!

We have moved

Hmmm, 150 meters sissådär. To berth 458. Calmer waters, fewer camera tourists from Asia and pleasant båtgrannar. After all mooring mess with dirty mooringtampar and rusty chains Ulrika took command of the department gritty moorings and I led the project “wash waterline”.

The morning started magically, that often here on Riddarfjarden…