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Opulent port city

After sladdat around pirnocken in 5 knops tides into lung water in front of the sluice gate, It was just to wait for professional shipping. After an hour, it was time to go into the skitigaste lock so far.
We found a decent gästkaj with water and electricity but the wireless network did not work. Harbour Master announced that the spare parts not coming until about one month…
Pia and Kjell ran off to the train station for the trip home and Ulrika, David and I walked in to a nice, pedestrian mall on the river Weser. Probably go back there today.
Allt väl ombord.

All's well in Bremerhaven

Instead of going out on the North Sea from Delfzijl to Norderney, We chose to go to the Küstenkanal Bremerhaven. Both the first stretch from Delfzijl and the final stretch to Bremerhaven was outside slussystemet and tide really strong. A whole new experience to the water moves with 4-5 at cruising speed. Really exciting to skid around Jarramas in turns and, above all, into the locks.

Now we are in one of the guest ports (read industry Belgian Bluestone quays) in Bremerhaven's waiting in better weather and new crew member Eric. We have had rain every day so we really yearn after sunny day with little wind. -Tror den kommer på tisdag 🙂

Tomorrow we're strolling around the city, wash, bunkers water and food.

Here you can see some photos from the Küstenkanal, a plotterbild over it and a picture of Tuesday's route, out of sandbankarna and into the Kiel Canal.

Sunday morning

Nice to sleep out in the morning, After having thrown away yesterday, 04.15, in the bäckmörk channel in the pouring rain.

The fuel down a vädergrib and then go through the lock at. 09.00, out of the Weser. Then we run downstream up to Bremerhaven. This will probably be a few days, and wait for less wind for the last leg into the Bynsbryttel and the Kiel Canal. A tour of ca 70 sjömil. With the help of tides and the real calculations we will have m all the time and an average speed of about 9 knop.

Crew Pia, Kjell and David goes ashore in Bremerhaven after five good “duty days”. Then Eric möstrar on Monday/Tuesday.

Nu skall jag bort till slussvakten och betala för natten i industrihamnen 🙂


Now the Brake, just south of Bremerhaven

Now we are good moored inside the tidal lock at the Brake, 20 M South of Bremerhaven. Wind forecasts for long time stage into Brynsbyttel and the Kiel Canal, unfortunately not so good. Maybe we will be left in Bremerhaven, There we go tomorrow, Some days.

As always, we have shitty Internet connection so today there will be no pictures, but feel free to call or SMS:a oss 🙂


Four of the six diesel nozzles were not tightened under oil Cap. Well åtskruvade should diesel leak into the engine to be done. We throw away about an hour and then follow the Ems down to Kystekanal. In two days, we should be in Bremerhafen.

Gissa om oljestickan på bb maskin kommer att kollas ofta idag 🙂


Mechanical breakdown in Delfzijl

After a great day on the canals from Lemmer to Delfzijl we could Moor on a floating pier for commercial vehicles. Harbour master in the Harbor directly opposite what rude and thought that our size of ships was our problem, then he rode home…

When we would throw away this morning to take “tidal train” down to the Canal in Ems, I made one last check of the engine room and checked the oil. In BB machine oil level was almost 20 cm higher than normal, and almost done! It smelled like diesel fuel if oil!

We called our friendly mechanic in Ermelo which came at 16 o'clock, five hour drive ToR! He noted quickly that we had almost 15 litres of diesel in the oil and it was 4 nozzles that were not tightened. Pooh, Nice that it wasn't worse! He tajtade nozzles, changed the oil and after 2 hours, it was clear.

He said several times that it was an amazingly lucky that you checked the oil!

A day overdue throws we unstuck tomorrow morning with the earliest tidal rail.

Here are some pictures from yesterday.