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On Swedish soil after 530 sjömil

One of the finest Lake days so far. We threw away shortly before noon 8 This morning from Klinthamn. The forecast promised Sun and moderate winds from the NW. We rounded the spectacular limestone cliffs at Møns Klint and Oden moved further out on the southern Baltic Sea. The wind increased and soon we had approximately 9 m/s from NV. Jarramas behave nicely but didn't like the high seas across. We turned 30 degrees and got considerably quieter bb go walking. Fun to experience the ship in heavy salt water. Confidence in her seakeeping increased markedly.

When we arrived in sjölä of Falsterbo reef, we could fall off 50 degrees and take the course of Ystad. Erik "fresh" ship, I powernappade any hour on the foredeck and Ulrika crocheted and cracked extra as first mate.

We sighted Ystad at 14 o'clock and was met by hamnkaptenskan 16.45 When we walked into the newly renovated, Nice guest Harbor. She got a honor place and soon we walked through the charming streets of Ystad. Everything was closed so Ulrika cooked the fish smarrigaste- seafood casserole, accompanied by olivstekta baguette and cool Chardonnay. The evening is lukewarm, so we inmundigade dinner on the aft deck. Everything under förbipasserandes coveting.

In the morning, Åhus (J)

All unnecessary once onboard.

Klintholm, in southern Denmark

Today, we started a little earlier than planned. 06.10 We threw away from the German Fehmarn. The morning was fine with light clouds. Weather report spoke of increasing NV winds in the afternoon so it felt good to reach Denmark at lunchtime and then have sjölä behind Falster towards Klintholm.

Out in international waters, hauled the German Eric gästflaggen and Denmark's was hoisted in stb sejn. Nice, I felt closer to home somehow.

Ulrika crocheted a few hours in the beautiful and tranquil weather. Suddenly, at any minute, came the wind, 7 m/s bb across. The swell grew rapidly and Jarramas woke up. It was to supplement the Lake the stew. Gråväder again and a Rainshower. We went closer to country than planned and had a leisurely drive along the southern coasts of Funen and Tre N D, among dozens of fishing nets.

Once met us a delightful fishing port. The Harbor Master stood on the dock and waved us to a good berth. Well Moor jumped Eric in running shoes and ran up the 4 miles to Møns Klint. Ulrika and I rekade fishing harbor and ended up in the middle of the unloading of a large load of sardines.

It arrived a lot of larger vessels in the evening. Inter alia. an old beautiful Dutch sailing ship.

Drinks on board and then a nice dinner on the small family hamnrestauranten.

Allt väl ombord.


Stuff like this just happens not to

Back with ribben after a delicious dinner in the small fishing port. Ulrika lit candles in the saloon and just enjoyed the peacefulness. The water was calm and the dark blue night engulfed the port.

Suddenly heard sweet tones next to foredeck!
Three trombones and a horn tuned up in a finely-tuned Chorale! The four båsarna gave us a wonderful Orchestra in the late, still the night…


Kiel – Fehmarn

40 nautical miles due east from the Kiel Canal, we reached the island of Fehmarn in the day. The calm sea, dead calm all the way and heavy rain clouds around. The fog rolled in acts from but didn't come up with our 6 knop:-). It was a fitting day for “plaster”, but also a little book and some solid meshes at virkkroken.

Once in Burgstaaken yacht haven, we had a really good location for night. To take us into the Cage Center, we took the ribben, It works really great. Port of Burg pyntades fully to the annual Harbour Festival which unfortunately startartar first tomorrow night. Fishing boats in long suffered with flags, ALE-, food kiosks, music venues and dance courses. There will be life in the Burg this weekend!!

Finally, we also found a shipping business so we could buy a German guest flag. It was really on your hair then tomorrow is the next country Denmark. The owner of the shipping trade was happy over the Swedish visit when he hunted elk in Hällefors!?

Ulrika day ended with a nice dinner at restaurant Schützenhof!