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Sista dagen i Karlskrona

Nu har vi väntat ut kulingen i Karlskrona. Tre dagar räcker fint. I morgon kastar vi loss 07.00 mot Kalmar. I kväll möstrar Mats på och i morgon bitti kommer Kim. Kul med ny besättning.

I dag har vi besökt Marinmusemum och HMS Jarramas igen. Hon är ståtlig men inte riktigt fardigrenoverad. Det gör mindre. Vi har sett och kännt på vår anrika namnförebild. Härligt.

På Marinmuseum köpte vi bl.a en fin affisch som behövde ramas in. En ramaffär i Centrum lovade fixa det före kvällen och några timmar senare kunde vi anbringa fartygets första utsmyckning.

I gästhamnen har strömmen av nyfikna flanörer fortsatt. Många kommer fram och vill veta mer om M/S Jarramas. Hon får många lovord vilket naturligtvis känns roligt.

Allr väl ombord…


Vi väntar ut kulingen i ett gråmulet Karlskrona

Wow what sound becomes important if the table! If you suddenly hear any sounds you don't recognize as you wonder where it comes from. Which pump is that there? Why does the lamp?…

Yesterday when we had put ourselves at 23:30 so we suddenly heard a pump go off like we did not recognize the sound on. It also belongs to the water had flowed down a bit too slowly in the basin in the morning but in the evening it was no problem. This handed to Captain couldn't sleep safely. It was just to get up and put on her clothes, remove wall-to-wall carpet on the lower deck and open the floorboards. Damn!! Where was it not snuff dry just without a lot of shower/wash basin water, no good smell right either. It was just starting to pump up the water, ca 50 l we emptied out before we could fall asleep relatively quiet.

This morning was the reason for the leak itself, which would be solved. We could soon see that the pump was not working, but when the box was full so was flowing water in the bilge, instead. When the pump cleaned and pysslats a bit with work again and then remained only to wipe the entire bilge. Not the most ergonomic working position, but soon it was all water and "disgust" over there and we could try the pump ... and it worked.

Lucky for you that you embossed by Eric!!

My coined sayings "Have you ship so you have" I felt very relevant today.

Soft dag i Karlskrona

Today, we are still in Karlskrona. We have a good berth in large guest harbour, 200 metres from the train station. We have strosat, washed, slept and only softat us through the day. Nice after almost 600 sjömil. If a while Eric jumps at Airbus to Ronneby and Ulrika and I get two lonely days in port before Kim and Mats arrive on Thursday night.

Then we have four long time stages left (250 M) up to nynäshamn, Stockholm Archipelago!

Allt väl ombord.


Idag gick vi från Åhus till Karlskrona. Havet var lugnt, 6 m/s och lite dyning. Jarramas rörde sig värdigt och funderade på hur det skulle bli att möta sin namne, HMS Jarramas…

Vi gick in i gästhamnen och förtöjde vid en perfekt kaj som hamnkapten hade reserverat åt oss.

Nu var det dags att gå till Marinmuseum och titta på skeppsgossefartyget . – Spännande!

Vi fick en guidad tur av Mats Holm, som blev förtjust över att det nu funnits fem Jarramas genom tiderna. Eric mejlade en bild av MS Jarramas och adressen till vår blogg. Under guidningen upplyste han gruppen om att det nu finns ytterligare en Jarramas i Stockholm och att skepparen var jag. – Lite generande 😉

Sista natten ombord för Eric som bjöd på en storartad middag.

Tack för en supervecka Eric!

Från en Skånsk kuststad till en annan

Today we headed towards our second port in Sweden, Åhus. We were treated to a sunny day at sea with a weak westerly winds and a light swell that slowly brought against time-phase target Jarramas. The sea's calm has now reached all of the crew and to have the unnecessary well has become a habit. During the sailing, we took us past the Kåseberga and Ale stones, a curious monument of uncertain origin. But nevertheless impressed, a bit of a Stonehenge.

From the sea's calm, we reached far into Åhus and Helge River, where we got a berth in the middle of the. The Promenade outside the ship's side offers many prying eyes and people (the scanian comment "this boat is najs" has been heard at the wharf several times during the evening). Most with a glass in hand and no visit to the city is complete without a Åhusglass. So shortly after our international dinner with ingredients from most of Northern Europe we visited glass boat.

Åhus can be described as a charming scanian coastal town, with a proximity to the southern agricultural landscape just a little walk from the Harbour.

In the morning we reach the Charles cows and will then stay the course 012,5 degrees to call at Karlskrona archipelago by passing Kungsholmen's fort. The visit of the naval city is special for both the vessel and part of the crew. In Karlskrona will M/S Jarramas meet HMS Jarramas and for one of the crew is a former. hometown where several former long travel had its final destination.

Fare winds and following seas