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Ystad – 15 juni

After rain comes sunshine… tallied more than well today! We had a lovely day all around in Österlen in car rental. Took the coast road east of Ystad and started with coffee and kardemummasnurror (best so far) in Kåseberga Harbour. ALE's stones is a strange place, would be cool to know what happened there once.

Sandhammaren, Skillinge and brantevik's favorite places. Sea, light, stone houses and all these roses! In Sandhammaren, considered to be one of Sweden's most beautiful beaches, had formerly
Pirate's nest. They misled voyagers with fake glow, that was meant to resemble the beacons, which contributed to the ran aground. The ships were plundered, and they survived went horrible destinies meet, then they were beaten to death by the perpetrators. But none of that, we saw one of today:-))

Ystad – 14 juli

We woke up to a windy morning. The wind increased and the rain poured down. It would be a day of 17 m/s and full-day rain. The wind did swell in the harbor uncomfortable for Jarramas. She tugged and ripped in the rather hefty mooring rings. But when 55 tone starts to drag, it's not much holding a recreational boating Harbour.

It was just to secure up to two långtampar across. We used pirbryggans concrete foundation. Ulrika took the job. She ordered and crawled and managed to eventually pull around wound around concrete pillars. – Nice!

A few extra spring also contributed to Jarramas calmed down. Now we were with 10 pull tabs in the country and 10 fenders. Not even the urge from the high speed ferry worried us anymore.

The last picture was taken at 23 o'clock with slow shutter speed. Men hennes rörelse nu är ingenting mot tidigare farande 🙂

Falsterbo – 11 juli

How lucky that we have a Chief Engineer on board. Alternator belt had jumped off again and damaged the strap to the sea water pump… just to change straps! We send a grateful thought to last owner smart enough bought extra straps that were now in stock.
After lunch was ready and we could take the bikes to Skanör and Falsterbo. Wonderful bathing in the sea and ice cream at the port.

Falsterbo – 10 juli

In the morning we threw away from Tuborg Harbour. Here we will certainly back, alt has been perfect!
Wind would increase in the afternoon so it was just gas on. Unfortunately, we had a half knots countercurrent so we had to content ourselves with 6,5 knop. The sound is relatively shallow and we chose the nearest road that went over long distances and sandbanks 4,5 m depth. The wind increased to 10 m/s after a few hours but then we had come across in Swedish waters and swell for the eastern wind didn't manage to build up. John took the opportunity to take the fenders during treatment suffered quite badly in the Göta Canal.

During a routine check in the engine room, it turned out that the alternator belt on bb machine had given up. It is only putting out bb machine and mount it on again. Thought enough that would be enough but it should prove that the defect in the port again and then damaged another strap…

We had 12- 14 m/s when we went in between the piers to the Falsterbo channel and added at the quay, at the far end of the port. Najs!

We had an invitation to a barbecue dinner with Frauke and Mats 1 miles away so it was just to throw landed the bikes and take off. Fun to meet them both and take an afternoon walk down to the sea in the warm summer evening.

Now the wind had subsided and the evening was soo beautiful.