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Copenhagen – 9 juli

A whole day in Copenhagen by bike in brilliant sunshine and ca 27 degrees Celsius. But fortunately the wind fanned nice and it was a perfect day.

We started with Denmark's perhaps most famous tourist attraction, The lille havfruen. Chinese People, Japanese, Americans… Yes most nationalities thronged to get the best angle. But it was Thomas who crept down to the front and took the best picture:-)
In the same area is Kastellet or the Citadel Fredrikshavn, som is one of the best preserved the fortresses in Northern Europe.

Statues is a recurring fototema and there are any number of choice. Gefions fountain, is the largest monument in Copenhagen and is also used as a wishing well. The next statue, we have not managed to find the name of, does anybody know?

After coffee, we took the ferry over to Christianshavn and the cool Opera House. It really is a beautiful building with a giant roof. The entrance to the Opera House is exactly right in front of Amalienborg (the Royal Palace) entrance on the other side of the water. Lunch was at Architecture Center with magnificent view.

Castle Island is an island in central Copenhagen where b la christiansborg Castle is. Slottet houses the premises of Parliament, the Prime Ministry, The Supreme Court and the Royal family.

After 6 hours on the bike, it was nice to come home again. I morgon bär det av mot Sverige och Falsterbokanalen 🙂

Copenhagen – 6 juli

Yesterday came the Fritz and his flckvän Rebekah on visit. – Fun!
Det blev en liten Köpenhamnstur med tyngdpunkten på Köpenhamns Tivoli 🙂

We also enjoyed a super luxurious sailing yacht, an extremely beautiful Opera House and a modern hussiluett against the night sky.

Copenhagen – 4 juli

We departured from Helsingør in the morning and arrived at Copenhagen and Tuborg Harbour before lunch. Nice Harbor with stylish Danish design in the House and area.

Copenhagen turned out really its best and we got a hot and sunny day along with Stefan, Luisa and Oliver. Nyhavn with crowds of people, changing of the guard at Amalienborg, good Rosé at the quayside overlooking the beautiful Opera House, Design Museum with b la Wagner exhibition, good dinner at Bistro Boheme… Tired, we came back to the beautiful evening light Jarramas.

Helsingör / Louisiana – 3 juli

Thursday was tflyktsdag on the island of Zealand in car rental. Fun to swap vehicles lite:-)
We started with coffee and winerbröd in Humlebeak while we waited to Louisiana would open. In the charming village of Sletten, we found fantastic House o beautiful flowers.

Now, Louisiana. Thomas not been there got the next spasm of trigger finger. The environment provides a grandiose setting to all internationally renowned sculptures here feels grown up from lawns and groves. The buildings are modest formal with contemporärt tight lines. Everything to give works of art a worthy betraktarscen. If you have not visited this stronghold, we recommend a visit of the arts!

Now we drove north for the coast to Gilleleje. A large fishing port which were affected by the storm Bodil last december. The whole Harbor was washed away but is now built up again. Just today was most fishing boats dock in port.

Back after a busy day we sneddade past the cromeglänsande artwork in the harbor. Awesome also.

Soon, our Spanish friends Stefan, Luisa and Oliver.

Helsingör – 1 juli

Efter att ha väntat på ett vindhål hela dagen kastade vi loss från Halmstad 16.30. Planen var Torekov eller Mölle. SMHI gissade på mindre vind än vi fick så Jarramas (och Ulrika) fick bekänna färg. Båda visade sig dock vara mycket sjödugliga.

Vi rundade Kullens pampiga landtunga 19.30 och bedömde då att vind och dyning skulle göra Mölles hamn obekväm. Vi svängde ner mot Danmark och Helsingör i stället. Dyning, lite för om tvärs, gjorde att vi fick ändra kurs några gånger för att inte tömma skåp och bokhyllor.

Väl inne i sundet lugnade sjön ner sig och det var dags att gira tvärs över trafiksepareringen. Hmmm, inte riktigt tvärs 😉

Landmärket och världsarvet, Kronborgs slott, som hade hägrat sedan Kullen, visade nu stolt upp sig mot natthimlen. – Pampigt! Vi gick in i den nya färjehamnen där fyra större flytbryggor låg och väntade. Lite knepigt att hitta i mörkret då hela området var nyutgrävt sedan sjökortet ritades. Efter ett glas vin i den ljumma sommarnatten somnade vi gott.