Jarramas built 1998 on lap Bakker East of Amsterdam. A handful of skilled shipbuilders was engaged to design and build a strong, inventiöst and beautiful ships, suitable for year-round living. Ship type known as Ruder 74 and is an on-off. Clients were drug Lord Gerrie Bethlehem, What was murdered 2002, shortly after that he received his ship.

2004 She was purchased by the Hoorn, which moved on board permanently. She was renamed to Phoca, that means seal in Dutch. Home port was the small Marina Strand Horst, in the town of Ermelo in the Netherlands. The family spent large sums on fittings and equipment. Among other things built the present beautiful teak Interior.

Other major project was: New Mastervolt alternator, new solar power plant, new powerful windlass for the two 140 kg stävankarna, foam insulation of hull and superstructure, new hydraulic motor and oil tank, complete renovation of both of the main machines.

Subfamily Hoorns time did Jarramas (Phoca) travel to Lake Vänern in Sweden, and down through the canals to Paris.

Den 6 november 2012 We signed the contract with the Dutch shipping agent Doeve Yacht & Shipbrokers.

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