Machine service may 2015

In may 2015 torrsatte we Jarramas at Mälaren shipyard.
In the engine room was made an overall review of hydraulics, drive lines and machines.

The following was made.
Hydraulic tank was emptied to seal a few leaks underneath and two hoses were replaced.
Drive axle seals was taken apart and cleaned.
Driving the knots were dismantled, cleaned, was measured and fettades in.
Backs the law was dismantled and replaced medbringarna.
Softclutch was mounted on the backs of the law for smoother switching.
Diesel pump on bb machine was dismantled and were closed.
New rubber pads on bb machine.
The valves were adjusted.
Both manual diesel air pumps were replaced.
Power cables were pulled new.
New alternator generator mounted on the bb machine.
The service was done at Kabolan.
All drive belts replaced.