AT HOME – efter 920 sjömil!

4 thoughts on “AT HOME – efter 920 sjömil!

  1. THANKS to we got follow your journey. We have looked into your blog almost every day. It has been very interesting, No, we thought there were so many beautiful waterways that travel through Europe. Wonderfully nice pictures you have also forwarded, you are both very talented photographers.
    Now, we wish you good luck in the new home and promises to tap if we are going to Stockholm.

    Hugs from a summer sunny Sunds exporter
    Gunnel & Joachim

    1. Hi
      Funny that you followed us through the channels. Yes it has certainly been an adventure, but everything has gone well, not a scratch in the paint:-) The final week from Denmark and home, we had sunny weather so it was nice.
      In Karlskrona, we got to wait out the Gale but it did nothing. Karlskrona was really a nice holiday town that had a lot to offer.

      Now, however, it is a bit stressful. We have one week to move aboard and deflate House. However, we have begun with that torn out wall-to-wall carpet in the lounge and put in a ship's floor. Fritz and mate Johan comes tomorrow and stay until Monday evening to help us carry on board our stuff. We'll also celebrate 20 annual day of course.

      We look forward to bid on a glass on the aft deck, Welcome on board!!


    1. Welcome George on a glass of white on the aft deck when it suits. We are located at Norr Mälarstrand 1 augusti 🙂

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